Winter Exhibition March 12

Come join us for our Winter Exhibition Wednesday, March 12th at 6:30 pm at Realms.  Each quarter our students have the opportunity to showcase their work at our exhibitions.  This month many of the projects will focus on the recent international trips.  Everyone is welcome!

THANK YOU for your support!!

Over 100 folks came out for our Mardi Gras Gala & Auction, and had a great evening of food and fun while helping raise funds for our school.  A huge THANK YOU to all who made this event terrific; our auction committee, Realms families and staff, all our donors and guests.  We appreciate your support […]

International Trip Destinations Announced!

Each year our students embark on an international adventure. The Upper School students will be heading to Vietnam, while the Middle School students go to Baja. Watch for more information to come as the students plan their service projects and itineraries.

Summit Challenge a Success!

The students planned their own fundraiser this year, called the Summit Challenge. On Oct. 26 nearly all of our students and a few guests hiked the 7 miles up Mt. Olympus over 4,000 feet in elevation gain. The students raised over $2,000 for their efforts! You can still donate to Realms by clicking the donate […]

Fall Backpacking Trip

Realms students had an incredible start to the school year. Both upper and middle school students enjoyed awesome adventures in the Uinta Mountains. They spent the first few days of school planning and preparing for the trips before heading out. The middle school hiked 30+ miles over 8 days, and the upper school hiked 40+ […]

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What’s Our Mission?

Realms of Inquiry, a cooperative learning community that offers an accredited curriculum for grades 6 through 12, is dedicated to providing a supportive learning environment for bright and intellectually creative students. Working closely with faculty, each student designs a program tailored to his or her particular interests and learning style.

Realms students learn to welcome challenges and take risks. They gain knowledge, skills, and confidence through experience in the classroom, the community, the outdoors, and international travel. Realms graduates become life-long learners, leaders, and innovators.

Enrollment coming for the 2014-2015 academic year

Realms will continue to consider applications for mid-year transfer students for the 2013-2014 year, however will begin enrollment for next year near the end of March.  Please check back for more details!

Middle School Panama Trip

After studying Spanish in a Panamanian home-stay immersion program and volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation facility, the middle school stayed with the Naso tribe and learned something about living off the jungle. They made chocolate, starting with picking the cacao fruit. (more…)

Why Realms?

Most gifted programs consist of the same material, just with more homework and more tests. Gifted kids can be just as bored as they were before. Realms is an experiential learning school that engages bright and gifted, independent-thinking students through challenging academics and collaborative curricula, combined with fieldwork, wilderness, and international explorations. (more…)

Central location!

After more than 25 years in our old location, Realms has moved to a more modern campus in Murray. The new location provides better access to transportation, including a TRAX stop, and outdoor recreation sites. We believe the move will support our mission and focus, bringing our educational programs into a new and dynamic era. Call us today to arrange for your student to shadow a Realms student!

Nine things to consider when choosing an independent school

Many Utah parents have concerns about sending their kids to public school. Independent and cooperative schools offer those parents an alternative to public school. These schools aren’t just for the rich or the religious, they can be a great fit for many kids. While you may have no choice when it comes to public school, in Utah, you have a wide variety of choices when you are choosing an independent school. (more…)